Disney Superband

Perfect for children and Florida! – Sara W.

“I live in Florida and have 2 children so I had very high hopes for this product. I put the Minnie one on my 3 year olds wrist and I put the Mickey one on my 6 month olds ankle on top of his pants. While I was holding my son I did not feel any mosquitos on me but once I handed him to my husband I started feeling them around me. They are pretty bad in Florida right now so I was shocked with how well these work. The bag says after use to store them in a tightly sealed bag and thankfully the pouches they arrive in do seal so it is perfect to throw into a diaper bag or purse! They do have a strong smell that I believe is lemongrass but it is one I do not mind and neither did my daughter.”

Cute and easy bug repellent bracelets – Tabby M.

“I've been seeing repellent bands around and when I saw these Disney ones I just had to purchase them for my four kids. We live in the country surrounded by woods so we deal with chiggers and mosquitos daily. And my young kids do not like being sprayed or rubbed before going outside. These are super cute with little Mickey and Minnie mouse head charms on them so boys and girls can wear them. They are so simple to use on kids of any ages really. They each come in a resealable zip lock type bag so I can put them up after each use. I love that they do not have a strong pest repellent smell either. These are great bracelets to have with children. I strongly recommend these.”

Comfortable & Cute To Wear – Empty Nest Mama

“Ever try to put bug spray on a 21 month old? It does not go well when we try with our grandson. These Classic Disney Superbands are so much easier and healthier for him to wear. As soon as we opened the package I could smell the citronella and lemongrass. The colors are bright and vibrant. The bands are lightweight and seemed comfortable to wear. Our grandson didn't bother with his all afternoon. He also did not get bit up while they were at the flower show (outdoors in Texas). Since DEET is so harsh we found that these are healthier for our grandson to wear to keep bugs away.”

Superband Premium

Ain’t no bugs on me!!! –Linda C.

“These bands are lifesavers! I went camping this past weekend in New Braunfels, Texas and they definitely worked on Texas bugs and ants! I didn't get bit once. Each band comes in a reusable, resealable, pocket sized zip-lock baggie. I had mine on for 3 days and never put it back in the baggie (even after floating the river and it being fully submersed in water) and it still worked. Great investment and the smell is actually pleasant! I just bought another pack of 10 to get me through the rest of the summer. I only wore one at a time on either my ankle or wrist and it provided full body coverage either place.”


These Really Work Well – Chaotic Muse

“These really work! I live near standing water and have been using them this summer instead of those smoking mosquito coils with great success. If I forget to put one on before the evening buzz begins I can just grab my bracelet of the week (it lasts about 8-10 days) and all the mosquitos leave. I also leave one next to my bed at night (just taking off the one I've been wearing) and it keeps me bite free all night long. The scent is pleasant and I've had no skin reactions to wearing it. Clever product.”


They Worked Wonderfully – Bobbi W.

“I have 23 grandchildren and these really work. We took them on camping trips and lake trips and NO one was bothered. A great item I have ordered another case for storage, for our cabin and houseboat.”


Love Love LOVE These –Weilimin

“My son is horribly allergic to mosquito bites and swells up significantly whenever he is bitten. We stumbled on these and they work very well. My son likes how they smell and I like how well they work…..finally a summer without bites!”


Awesome – Gwendolyn O.

“Worked great for my outdoor wedding. Wish they offered mosquito bands in different colors to match my wedding colors, awesome.”

Bug Button

5th box ordered – CLZ

“I work at a golf course. Maintenance crew likes to attach these buttons to their hats to keep bugs away from their face. When we're low on them-they definitely let me know to order more!”


These work great! – Vicki L.

“I use these when trail riding - one on me and one on my horse. Keeps the bugs at bay!”

Mosquito Eliminator

Works Great! – Karen Q.

“Have a hole in my screen door. Hanging these until I can replace or re-screen the door. Works great!”


It works – Avid Fisherman

“It works. Hang it on your doorknobs and it will repel mosquitos. I live in Africa where it provides enough protection against the mosquitos that transmit Malaria. The con is the smell, but I prefer that over the Malaria. I just repurchased ten more for the next few months.”