Natural, Non-Toxic Repellents
Natural oils, such as citronella, have been used for over 50 years as insect repellents without reports of adverse effects of concern. The aroma from the natural oils helps mask the odor of humans and animals, making it more difficult for insects to locate a the target to bite.

Easy To Use
Insect Repelling SuperBands are infused with a special blend of natural insect-repelling oils. Just slip a band on your wrist or ankle for long-lasting, non-greasy, waterproof relief from bugs. 
DEET Free Defense
Chemical-free Insect Repelling SuperBands can be used to help repel mosquitoes and other insects without the worry of harmful side effects! Use on children over the age of three with adult supervision.
So easy to use! Just slip the band on your wrist for an instant, pleasant-smelling bug repellent! 
Infused with citronella oil, geranium oil and lemongrass oil, the SuperBand is non-toxic with no known side effects. Just slip the plastic band on your wrist to help repel mosquitos!

No stinky sprays, messy oils, or harmful chemicals! 
The SuperBand is reusable, convenient and safe. When not in use, just take the band off and store in a sealed bag. It's ready to use again and again!
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NEW Resealable Packaging for the Bug Button and Mosquito Eliminator!
Researchers believe that female mosquitoes zero in on prey by sensing carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other scents on skin. Citronella oil helps to repel mosquitos by masking scents that are attractive to mosquitos. The SuperBand®, Mosquito Eliminator™ and Bug Button® each contain citronella oil, geraniol oil and lemongrass oil.